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Welcome to C4-Online!!!

C4 Online is your Online source for Coins, Comics, Cards and Collectables!  

We have Coins and Paper Money...  U.S.  as well as  Currency from Around the World!

We have a nice collection of Comics...  See our inventory list.

We have cards from Topps, Bowman, Classic, Don Russ, Leaf, Fleer , Upper Deck,  Flair, Pacific and more...   We have all kinds of  Trading Cards!   Sports Cards for Baseball, Football,  Basketball, Golf,  Hockey, Wrestling, Olympics and NASCAR.  We have Gaming Cards for Pokemon, Redakai,  Yu-Gi-Oh, The Reckoning,  Magic - The Gathering, Dragonball,  and many more...  Animation, Art and Character Cards.  Television and Movie Cards...  We have Wax Packs, Sets and Collections, Modern, Vintage, Game Used, Jersey Cards, Refractors, Rookies, Inserts, Autographed and Graded Cards.   We have well over 750 Thousand Cards in our inventory.

We also have Artwork and many other collectable items you may be interested in.

Call Us if you are looking for something in particular...  Maybe we can help you locate an item or complete a series or collection.

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